Business Relocations


FIL have been providing business relocation solutions since 1995, having now carried out some of New Zealand’s largest logistical projects.

We consider ourselves market leaders in this realm, backed by a team of experienced relocation experts.

We have proven experience collaborating with New Zealand’s largest enterprises, and most complex government departments.

FIL provide full packing and insurance requirements to compliment its service.

Please get in touch for a no obligation walk through, scope and quote for your upcoming relocation.

Business Relocations


FIL employees are trained, and highly skilled, in the disconnection, safe transportation and re-connection of computers, phones, and associated operational equipment.

FIL work closely with our clients to plan, coordinate and document all processes and plans prior to the commencement of work.

FIL dedicate a team to manage the details intricately. FIL work hard to exceed expectations, and have been known to deliver in excess of 600 units over one weekend alone.

Special goods? Server equipment, photocopiers and specialist equipment can be moved safely by FIL’s trained staff, no problem.

Business Relocations


Often organisations relocate their existing furniture when moving, and we get that it makes sense (and creates efficiency) when using one team for both elements of the job.

We also get that it makes sense to use experienced installers to dismantle and install your furniture. All too often FIL are called upon to repair desks and screens, after being relocated by inexperienced alternatives to FIL.

FIL has a large team of installers, and contracts to many of New Zealand’s most impressive furniture suppliers.

References are absolutely available on request.

Business Relocations


FIL have the expertise and experience to move vast amounts of confidential files and publications. Using specialist equipment and proven systems to do so.

FIL have undertaken high-level risk and security conscious transfers multiple times for financial services, insurance firms and government departments.

Files or confidential publications are kept in chronological order and relocated using secure, specialist cages.

FIL is one of only two organisations that utilise this equipment!


FIL provide packaging products at very competitive prices and hold large quantities of stock onsite. This enables delivery to your door, quickly!

Recently FIL introduced plastic relocation crates. These are a popular alternative. Minimising cardboard waste, able to be reused multiple times, and capable of nesting into each other. So that when empty, you reduce the floor space they occupy.

In stock at each branch FIL carries various sized cardboard boxes, tape, relocation labels, tape dispensers and protective wrap. FIL can generally provide any unique packing requirements within 2-3 working days.

Business Relocations


FIL offer any level of project management assistance your relocation project requires. From simply offering sound advice to providing full-blown project management capabilities.

FIL add structure to your project by way of documentation and assessments. FIL hold regular meetings with your project team and employees to get us all heading in the same direction.

FIL’s dedicated project team have years of experience, with the references to match. Some of the best in the industry reside in the walls of FIL. Collectively, having worked on some of New Zealand’s largest work programmes (including MSD, Spark, IAG, and the National Library).

FIL has nationwide service contracts with IRD, ANZ and the Ministry of the Environment, to name a few.