FIL are market leaders in the installation of system based furniture for major manufacturers across New Zealand and Australia. This includes workstations, screens, storage and accessories. FIL have been responsible for some of New Zealand’s largest furniture installations.

From the installation of a single desk to the installation of 1,000 plus desk-orientated systems, FIL complete these projects to a professional standard and within the agreed time frame specified.

FIL work alongside architects and project teams during planning, preparation and layout, and ensure a seamless workflow for a successfully completed project.



FIL’s joinery team installs commercial joinery for all major manufacturers in New Zealand – from custom reception units to full hospital and hotel installations. FIL have the skill-base and logistical experience to do so.

As the apartment boom gripped the Capital, FIL responded to a growing need to install kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe joinery and have successfully completed a large number of apartment projects to date.

Two of FIL’s recent major fit-out achievements included the Wellington Hospital and the Wellington High Court. The High Court, in particular, was an award-winning project with architectural challenges, delivered to the highest of standards.

If you are moving premises, take your existing joinery with you! FIL provide experienced joiners to dismantle, relocate and customise to your new environment.



Often organisations relocate their existing furniture when moving. FIL gets that it makes sense (and creates efficiency) when using one team for both elements of the job.

FIL also get that it makes sense to use experienced installers to dismantle and install your furniture. All too often FIL are called upon to repair desks and screens, after being relocated by inexperienced alternatives to FIL.

FIL has a large team of installers and contracts to many of New Zealand’s most impressive furniture suppliers.

References are absolutely available on request.



FIL have the capability to re-configure system furniture. Including altering screens and desk heights, re-configuring desk pods, and creating break out areas to suit employee and growth demands.

FIL’s team have years of experience in office re-locations, and you can trust the crew to find a solution to suit your unique needs.



If the appearance of your existing product needs a ‘face lift’, FIL are capable of recovering screens, chairs and soft furnishings with an array of contemporary fabric from its in-house workshop.

If you are moving your existing furniture or want to upgrade and create space in your current office environment, FIL can alter your existing workstations, desks and screens to fit your new office configuration.

Whether changing your large right angle workstations to straight desks, or modifying your partitions to a lower height to create more space, FIL are capable of delivering the results. Modern office furniture is designed to be modular – to evolve as you do!



Recent earthquakes have highlighted the need for businesses to be as prepared as possible to face the devastating consequences of a significantly sized earthquake.

FIL can help by assessing your workplace for the basic safety requirements. Seismically restraining the bulky furniture items in your place of business.

FIL’s team of professionals have carried out reviews for large government departments and corporate agencies for many years, giving FIL’s clients’ reassurance and peace of mind.

The office furniture items we assess and perform seismic restraint solutions for include:

  • Bookcases or shelving units over 1200mm in height
  • Unrestrained storage shelving or racking
  • Open shelving in the office environment – restrain contents with bungees
  • Ensure that wall-mounted cabinets are securely fixed to structural elements such as studs or columns
  • Server cabinets are fixed down in position to prevent toppling or disconnection
  • High-value equipment such as panel displays, computer equipment and the likes
  • Utilise a vast amount of pre-approved techniques and products to restrain furniture and other items ranging from simple bracketing systems to fully compliant bracing systems for large-scale applications